Saturday, October 31, 2009


Flew in last night at like 11:30pm. the Main Flight attendent was fairly pleasing to the optic nerve, thats for sure. The landing was the dodgiest thing since troy kneeves. We went back to the motel and unpacked, soon after me benda and wrighty strolled down to the local pub, which was closed, needless to say, we were devo. So we asked this dude for a lift to the 24 hour, he said something along the lines of "sweet as bro, jump on". So we got in the back of his ute and he drove us down to this servo, when we got out, he was all like "how can i contact you dudes, we gotta party sometime!", was pretty funny.

Today we hired our mopeds and cruised the island for a bit, then this arvo we surfed this fun little right hander.

Wave we surfed today.

Flight chick.

Wrighty, Benda, Shane, Me.

View from plane.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Went down to pipe today, got there a bit late after a late night for bazz's 14th (he is actually 17 incase you were wondering what the hell i was doing at a 14th birthday).

It was pretty average really, with no wigs out doing their thing. Mainly kooks and old men all out there for one thing, and that was to burn anyone they could, even if that ment having to drop in on the endbowl.

Anyway, here are a few shots, boring i know...

'Donald Crump'



Thursday, October 8, 2009



Lately ive been thinking about things that have a 'mind of their own'.
So, becuase im so generous, i thought id configure a list. Enjoy.

- Phones.
- Bosses.
- Cars.
- Girls.
- Computers.
- Teachers.
- Balinese.
- Telemarketers.
- Dogs.

That'll do for now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Is this world coming to?

That is the question at hand.

Ok, im browsing myspace and see that my little brother has a myspace. WHY? i do not know! he is 12 years old for god sake. At that age i was more interested as to how many birthday parties i was going to (the ones that usually involve bowling alleys and lolly bags). Then i search facebook and see that he has also got one of those! At the time when i signed up to facebook, i thought i was too young for it (was 16 at the time), but no! he has just gone in from the deep end at age 12, good luck brother. Although i'll give him a bit of credit for his myspace about me as it reads "semi-ranga".

Anywayyyyy, i now move onto more important matters. Whilst cruising myspace this afternoon (6 october 2009, for those of you playing at home), i find a page named "CULBURRA CREW". That term instantly depreciates the value of the town which i used to take pride in calling home. Its basically a group of pre-pubescent surfers that like to 'roll' in a crew/group/posse' as such. None of which have any ability in the wave riding department. It sickens, actually, it shits me to tears, that, these kids have taken it into there own hands to use the towns name in such a inhumane manner.
i feel sick, someone pass me a bucket, please..........urghhhhhh.