Monday, February 22, 2010


Thats right!!

And if you say you expected it, you've gotta be kidding yourself, much like the time jack maccarron told a certain someone that he walks around husky taking in the natural beauty with a sketchpad (would you like to confirm this jack??).

Anyway, its been quite some time since ive posted on here, which i was made well aware of when lifelong friend, haydn smith, started a facebook group to bring back this exact blog.

Well, guess we have a little catching up to do...

Ok, maybe not. I could most likely count the amount of times ive shot, on one hand. Could be due to the fact im getting unmotivated, or maybe due to the fact it IS summer, the waves ARE shit, i AM getting old, And it IS way too fucking hot to be shooting anything appart from surf, and considering there is no surf, ive left the camera in my bag.

Negatives aside, i have shot twice in the past week or so, both sessions were close to terrible, but its a start!



Look up.



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