Friday, July 31, 2009


I wouldn't normally blog about "i wouldn't normally produce a film", but considering i went, thought i may as well.

Anyway, got to husky around 7pm, bit early i think, cruise past a group of perfectly positioned blonde fringes, whilst yelling something like "yewww, bodyboarding!". All in disbelief as that is quite antisocial.

Anyway, we then procede to some woodfired pizza place, took a while to get served, the dude didn't see my drink so i got it free of charge. We then waited around for about 20 min or so before our pizzas were ready, got our pizzas, then headed ove to the cinema.

Well, what can i say? prepubescent girls everywhere! as far as the eye can see, im guessing all the hard work has paid off for Adam Quinn.

Nice little crowd going on, whilst damo is walking round with a little container, gathering money for drinks.

Finally went into the movie, some nice parts, but some absolute jokes thrown in for good measure. Most of the time, some james dixon character was yelling shit out, most shit to do with wollongong, and chicks. Jack mcaz did his fair share of yelling out "thats sickkk!' at any given chance.

Anyway, this blog has seen better days arghh.

damo collecting coin

matt young, south coast prem fiend.



Friday, July 24, 2009


Another week comes to and end, another paycheck comes to a hand.
Today is Friday, i like Fridays.
Tomorrow is Saturday, i have nothing planned apart from a driving lesson, yes, that's right, i need lessons.
I'm still kinda sick, with a pretty annoying sore throat and headache, that will only go away for a few hours following the consumption of a few cold and flu pills.

Tonight i ordered a pizza, which is kinda a ritual when I'm home alone, love checking out the pizza deliverer, which usually turns out to be no other than Jack Buchanan. Tonight i got my pizza delivered by store owner, Don. They make good pizza's. It was quite apparent that good friend Wezz Jones made my pizza, check the artwork on the inside of the box, quality shiznit.

The whole package

Check it, got me shooting and all. (click pic for larger, easier to see view)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The photo of wezz from the other night that i promised. Its a real screamer.


Been plenty of changes of late and soon to come changes as well. Firstly, my immune system, it used to be pretty darn strong back in high school, i was even awarded with 100% attendance a few times believe it or not. These days, its probably weaker than your average mystics (shitstics) air bowl.

Secondly, i'm still in the process of selecting a new name for my blog, open to suggestion if you've got any that you'd like to share. Maybe a kinda abstract name? who knows.

Thirdly, i've turned into the regulator of facebook status's, so watch out!


Monday, July 20, 2009


Sometimes we search for one thing
but discover another. Even though i didn't find
the mystery girl...I did find out something
very important about myself...I'm awesome.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Thought i'd send out an alert something similar to the tsunami one.

The alert is as follows:

Cuntface: The Blog, will be undergoing a name change within the next few days, this, in turn, will also mean a change of URL. I will post the new name and URL on the blog over the next few days, be sure to update your bookmarks and such.

Regards, Management.


Commonly known as the 'weekend'. This weekend was spent disappointed with small waves, yet saturday night i was content as i saw wezz passed out on hayleys bed with a bucket well and truly full of spew, done well mate. Stay tuned for a photo or 2 of wezz.

This afternoon i went down to the 1ft waves on offer to get some fisheye angles, here are some of the frames, enjoi.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Tonight i enlighten you with even more tsunami slather. Got one of my photos printed on the cover of the South Coast Register, in conjuction with a tsunami article. I've just realised i've been posting more tsunami propaganda than a desperate episode of Today Tonight. This is the last, i swear.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Wow, im pretty bloody buggered to say the least. Work has been pretty busy all week and i've been coming home in the arvo's to jump straight into bed, then getting up later for dinner and whatnot. The boys at ACS are a funny bunch of fella's. Most recently, they have taken advantage of the tsunami warning on the east coast of Aus, and have declared a 'sale of tsunami proportion', rightfully named the 'TSUNAMI SALE!!!'. Get yourself into ACS right now to grab a bargain!!!

p.s. i mean like right now, they are still open till late!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Natural wonders are a naturally wonderful thing. Tonights big news has been a earthquake that has shook the dancefloors of every nightclub on the south island of NZ. The earthquake measured in at roughly 7.8 on the richter scale, which is roughly "fairly f**kin high" in steve walls mind.

There has also been tsunami warnings for most of the east coast of Aus. So i'm kind of hoping it turns out something looking much like this photo below. Anyway, im tired, lots of work tomorro, back into the black hole again (the boilerhouse). byebye.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Went out crooky this arvo for a shralp-sesh. Was a pretty nice session, got a few little barrels, a nice power carve and a reallll good 're-entry'. Me and wezz went doubles on one and got a pretty nice pit. Rat also claims he got a nice double pit with AJ.

Matt came out about half way through the sesh. As we are chatting away, he tells me how he did an interview for the riptide forum and sent along a photo of himself that i took, only to be told that they wouldn't use that photo as it is from a member who has been banned for life (me). What a bloody joke, the whole time i was on there, i was just mucking round, intending no harsh feelings. If they cant see that, then they have problems of their own.

Anyway, i guess i'll leave you now with a old shot of a young Thom. Shot on EOS630 with some $2 film.

Summer arvos.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Went back to work today, which also coincided with the whole coast being inundated with a decent east swell and offshore winds. As soon as i got home i went down the beach to try get a few shots in the last 30 minutes or so of light.

Got down there to see that the tide was reasonably high, which isnt ideal, but still some fun ones rolling through. So i get my gear out and start putting my camera into my housing. As im doing this, some sort of over excited canine runs straight towards me, splaying sand everywhere, narrowly missing my camera and such. So naturally, in my most polite voice, i tell the dog what i think of it. The owner then says something along the lines of "f**ckin grow up mate!". Some people just shouldn't be let out into society.

Anyway, here are a few from my short time out in the juice, went to town on the processing, some came out kinda cool, anyway, enjoy.

Wezz, full accidental shot, yelled some profanities when i shot this as a test shot and realised my camera was set to B+W.

Bit of a closeout, i like it though.

Jarad was the only one out, hard to linkup.

Golden curtain, light got pretty nice just after i got out there.

Golden line.

Another curtain.

One of the last shots as the sun disappeared.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ok, ive been sick for atleast 5 days now. Its getting quite boring to say the least, havn't done anything all weekend, the only thing i have done that comes off as the slightest bit interesting is tuning my radio to 98.9 to listen to Triple J's Hottest 100. Been a few good ones, and a few shockers, with a Hilltop Hoods song coming in at #17 *spew*.

Anyway, here are a few old shots to set your eyes upon (dodgy edit included).

Unknown Stick Rider

Perth Standlick

Friday, July 10, 2009


Bit unwell at the moment, which probly shows with the lack of posts lately. Havn't been able to get outside at all really. Went for a quick bike ride earlier, now kind of regretting it, as it made me feel even worse. Couple of boring shots from my boring ride.

Cuttin' corners

Seen this scene plenty a times in my life

Ride by

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Back at it after a few days rest, was just getting a bit too hectic. Needed to just sit back and take it all in for a while.

Anyway, on the menu for Sunday was a large sleep-in, followed by a trip to Kiama. Went up there with Brendo and fellow photog Matt Tildesley. As soon as i got in the car, Brendo was talking about how theses coffee's at the Sourdough Bakery in Berry were all time, he even went as far as saying he would give someone a $100 note, if they could find a better coffee on this planet. I was kinda doubting that a bakery would make better coffee's than a cafe', but wasn't going to say so, until i'd tried it.

So we rock up at the Sourdough Bakery in Berry, it looked more like a arty cafe', than a bakery. It was absolutely packed with families and couples alike. We waltzed straight over to the counter to place our order, i wasn't even going to get one, but thought i may as well, as it was Brendo's shout.

We had only waited for about 3 minutes, and our coffee's were ready. These coffee's were pure amazing. I don't even like coffee, and i thought these were sick.

Next we continued on our way up to Kiama. When we got there, it was all a bit of a let down. Biggest hoax swell. So we checked a few other spots but ended up surfing Kiama. Here are a few shots, pretty poor, but it's something i guess.


Brendo Again

Matt Getting Ready

Monday, July 6, 2009


Saturday got up early to head south.

Early, spot 'X' looked pretty bad, and yeh, it actually was. So the decision was made to head further south to a fun little peak which was crowded with an array of blonde fringes, but wasn't too hard to snaggle a crester or 2.

Got over that pretty quickly, so next stop was coles to grab something to eat. I scored a 6 pack of pre-made pancakes and a bottle of maple syrup for a very reasonable $5.50. Bargain!

Next it was decided that we may aswell check spot 'X' again on the way home. Proved to be a good decision with a few tubes rolling through. Here's a few shots from the archive.





Friday, July 3, 2009


Thrash'd. Interesting word to put it bluntly. Heard it used in an array of contexts.

"That chick just got absolutely THRASH'D!!!!"

"I THRASH'D that wave to smitherines!!!!"

"I absolutely THRASH'D that maths exam"

ok, so maybe i made that last one up, but its besides the point, right?


Thursday, July 2, 2009


I advise that you read post titled 'cuntface' before you read this post.

Ok, i'll start off by saying that this is probly harder to explain than the 'Da Vinci Code'

Well as you know the name of my blog came from Brenden Newton, a man that is well known for being a mean bodyboarder and religious guru alike.

Im now a bit hesitant about the name of my blog, after a mishap last night. It all started when fellow lensman Mitchell Pearson asked for the link to my blog. In the process of sending him my link, i made a typo. I mixed up the letters 's' and 'p' in the word 'blogspot'. It turned out a little something like this:

Now, if you click on the above link, you'll realise it is a site completely filled with religious jargon. With topics including:
(1) On this page an INCREDIBLE TESTIMONY of a former doubter of the Bible.
(2) “PROOF” THE BIBLE IS TRUE + What the future holds
(3) GOD’S PLAN OF SALVATION & Bible reading guidelines.
(4) PERSECUTIONS AND PROBLEMS a born-again Christian can expect.

I'm not quite sure if it's just me? but im completely creeped out.

Also, im questioning, why does a religious site contain the word 'cuntface' in its URL? Does it have a double meaning?

So many questions, so many possible answers.

Old shot of Brenden.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this blog are personal views, and are not intended to offend or humiliate

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hump Day
The middle of the work week, wednesday, or the beginning of the weekend, depending on your level of addiction to alcohol.

Thats the definition straight out of
and if i was to say so myself, its quite accurate.

This afternoon, wind was blowing west, small swell, and high tide. Less than ideal conditions to say the least, but i thought i'd head down anyway for a quick shoot.

The water was pretty fresh. In a mere 2mm of neoprene in springsuit form, its safe to safe i was pretty darn' cold. Shot some frames for about half an hour before the sun went back to its rightful position. I will be pretty happy when daylight saving kicks over again, and that's without question.

Empty Crester.