Saturday, March 27, 2010


Couldnt be bothered doing a proper post, but just wanted to post a pic or 2 for the sake of it.

Today was pretty fun, just went down the beach after i woke up, kicked the footy at aj while he surfed, then went for a surf myself with aj. Waves were lame but it was pretty fun.

Here we have an old pic of matt at le bootycall, and 2 shots from cooks. ugh.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


A while since i last posted on this blog.

As expected, i've shot sweet f#ck all in that timeframe.
I've had maybe 3 surfs, shot twice, and went to sydney to see mickey avalon, which was a pretty damn good show.

Also, something id like to bring up, is the act of flashing your headlights to alert people, funnily enough, id call this act 'flashing'.
Back in the day, when i was a pre pubescent child sitting in the car getting taken to various swimming carnivals and games of football, i fondly remember bypassers flashing us when there was an accident up ahead, or a highway patrol officer about to bust our ass around the next bend. What happened to those days? it seems everyone in this modern day society cares about themselves, and themselves only.

Anyway, enough of me ranting, here are some photos, 2 from a session mucking around with jordi at crooky and 2 from a while ago, one of wezz in shoalhaven heads and one of damien miller at culburra shops...

Jordi spin to win.


Wezz, heads bowl.

Miller, RVCA artists network program.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


As the first ever guest poster on the all consuming, ‘cuntfacetheblog’, its my duty to remind you all I’m not Jon Glanville and he is the true mastermind here.

As none of you useless cunts are aware, school continues past year 6, shocking I know. In my recent travels to and fro the WCA or Wollongong College Australia, I have discovered many a thing. One being that Asians froth more over cigarettes than jack McCarren does over French toast and frappes....

Exibit A.

...But the most crucial and life changing thing I have learnt is never, not in your entire life, shall man force himself to not too pass a bowel movement for 3 days, it’s like a bear un-clogging after a winter in hibernation.

Stay tuned for pt.2

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Got out of tafe at around 330pm on friday arvo, and headed down the coast to pipe with wezz. Was sorta disappointed to see it was an inconsistent 2ft, but was still fun getting out there and shooting a few.

One of the funniest moments was when old mate from south africa was telling us how he got a 'party wave' with about 5 little kids, all yelling at each other 'fuck off' and other various profanities... Anyway, heres a few to show the kids.


Jack Mccarron, the man himself.

Some dude, kinda liked the angle.

The depths of Crumpet

Crumpet celebrating matt youngs final wave.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Thats right!!

And if you say you expected it, you've gotta be kidding yourself, much like the time jack maccarron told a certain someone that he walks around husky taking in the natural beauty with a sketchpad (would you like to confirm this jack??).

Anyway, its been quite some time since ive posted on here, which i was made well aware of when lifelong friend, haydn smith, started a facebook group to bring back this exact blog.

Well, guess we have a little catching up to do...

Ok, maybe not. I could most likely count the amount of times ive shot, on one hand. Could be due to the fact im getting unmotivated, or maybe due to the fact it IS summer, the waves ARE shit, i AM getting old, And it IS way too fucking hot to be shooting anything appart from surf, and considering there is no surf, ive left the camera in my bag.

Negatives aside, i have shot twice in the past week or so, both sessions were close to terrible, but its a start!



Look up.