Thursday, March 25, 2010


A while since i last posted on this blog.

As expected, i've shot sweet f#ck all in that timeframe.
I've had maybe 3 surfs, shot twice, and went to sydney to see mickey avalon, which was a pretty damn good show.

Also, something id like to bring up, is the act of flashing your headlights to alert people, funnily enough, id call this act 'flashing'.
Back in the day, when i was a pre pubescent child sitting in the car getting taken to various swimming carnivals and games of football, i fondly remember bypassers flashing us when there was an accident up ahead, or a highway patrol officer about to bust our ass around the next bend. What happened to those days? it seems everyone in this modern day society cares about themselves, and themselves only.

Anyway, enough of me ranting, here are some photos, 2 from a session mucking around with jordi at crooky and 2 from a while ago, one of wezz in shoalhaven heads and one of damien miller at culburra shops...

Jordi spin to win.


Wezz, heads bowl.

Miller, RVCA artists network program.

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